In pursuit of simplicity that gives rise to the sense of intimacy and refinement, Apirat, the Head Designer of Vatin, is keen to make a very simple form of kitchen comes alive. Edge Kitchen turns a dull unit for tiresome cooking into the space of sensual enjoyment where homemade meals are cheerfully prepared and shared.
With the futuristic vision of home cooking, Edge Kitchen is not part of the furniture of any house. The smart cooking system is built into the kitchen module to deliver greater comfort, wellbeing and energy-saving. Get inspired every day from the guided cooking system with the recipe app that professionally trains you to cook better in the comfort of your home.
Aesthetics and functionality are elegantly fused in Edge Kitchen. Apirat meticulously fabricates the form and materials to enrich the experience of cooking. LEDs are applied together with matt surface that optimally absorbs and reflects light, creating warm and cozy outline for the kitchen module. Fittings and storage systems can be customized to create the pleasant daily use that perfectly matches with your wishes.

Date: 2018
Client: VATIN
Categories: Living